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Explore Monthly Plans

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The Social Media Starter Kit combines a decade of practical research, years of experience in growing corporate and start-up social media accounts, and the power of a social media strategy proven to work in multi-national corporations.

More content for your business means whatever your brand needs to increase your cashflow via social media. Consistent and quality content is a roadblock for a lot of businesses online, but with the Social Media Starter Kit, it won't be a blocker to your growth.

This value packed total content package includes:

  • Monthly 1:1 strategy check-ins
  • 12 high-converting social media posts
  • 1 monthly performance report

“Innovative social media approach and online activity resulting in significant increase in our revenues” ~ Paulo D

The Social Media Starter Kit provides you with corporate-level social media content designed to increase your engagement on social media. .Every piece of content is customized to reflect your brand. A fresh batch of content delivered to you every month. Never stress about measuring performance - our service provides a monthly report.

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Yolisa Bam (@yolisabam)

With over a 20,000 followers online, Yolisa's personal story of growing a web design and social media marketing firm while being a digital nomad has inspired service-providers all over the world. After a decade of experience learning the ins and outs of social media marketing in corporate and start-ups, she hopes to help you grow your visibility and cashflow online.

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Gold Standard Package

$99/mo. (1st month special*)

The Gold Standard package provides any business with strategic social media content to help your business gain visibility and grow. We’ll work with you to find out every piece of content you need, and we’ll deliver every month.

  • Monthly 1:1 strategy check-ins
  • 12 highly engaging social media posts
  • 1 monthly performance report
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